SURROGACY : Legal issues around surrogacy


1. Both the couple and the surrogate mother shall enter into a surrogacy agreement that is legally enforceable

2. All expenses of the surrogate related to pregnancy shall be borne by the couple seeking surrogacy

3. A couple shall not avail the services of more than one surrogate at any given time

4. A surrogate mother cannot act as an oocyte donor for the couple seeking surrogacy

5. A relative or a known person to the couple may act as a surrogate

6. If the woman acting as a surrogate is married the consent of her husband is mandatory

7. Surrogate woman should not be less than 21 years of age and not over 35 years of age

8. Simultaneous transfer of embryos in the woman and the surrogate is prohibited

9. Surrogate mother should be medically tested for sexually transmitted diseases and all other diseases which may endanger the health of the child

10. Advisory for International Surrogacy Arrangements.

11. Representing Intended Parents with the Governments and International Organisations

12. Expert consulations from Senior Practioners on surrogacy laws in India

13. Unravelling most complex private international law issues involving International Surrogacy

14. Negotiating with medical centres on various standpoints

15. Litigation Strategist